"The Spider"


"Full Moon"

Milena Sidorova

Milena Sidorova is an award-winning Dutch choreographer. Her world-famous choreography “The Spider” has been performed all over the globe and received more than 14 million views on YouTube alone. Sidorova has created almost 25 unique choreographies, including several for the Dutch National Ballet. Her choreographies SAND and A.I. have been performed at the Royal Opera House in London, while Reset premiered September 2020 at the Dutch National Ballet in Amsterdam.

UPDATE: The Times, British Theatre Guide, Bachtrack, Dance Tabs and others have just published their amazing reviews (“the standout choreographer of the evening is Milena Sidorova”). SAND received a Critic’s Choice Best Premiere (2019) in leading dance magazine Dance Europe. Read the reviews »

“Milena Sidorova’s inventive Withdrawn looks deceptively simple. The most telling tale of the evening, it elicits the most laughs and sparks tangible discomfort from the audience. It starts the most beautiful pas de deux of the evening. […] The beautiful choreography cleverly manages to increase their emotional distance while keeping them physically close. No matter the inversion or pose, the couple returns to stare at their screens. This piece, with its measured use of silence and music combined with complex lifts is a demonstration of Sidorova’s seemingly endless dance vocabulary. She rarely repeats herself.

Bachtrack about Withdrawn (2019)

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